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Single A Brand New Life (35:40)
Single Rest in Christ's Grace
Single Grace, for the Best and Worst of Times
Single Who You Are
Series Free of Charge, Part I
Series Free of Charge, Part II
Single Love is the Answer
Series  We are an Inspired People, Part 2


 A New Song in Your Heart, Part IV


 The Chosen


 A Sweet Spirit vs. A Bitter Spirit


 The Lifestyle of a Winner

Single I Can


Break-Through Principles
of Success

Single  King
(Christmas Eve message)






(Christmas Eve message)

Dr. Frederick Drummond
A Triumphant Kingdom
Dr. Frederick Drummond
Go, With All Your Might
Dr. Frederick Drummond
  • Track 1, Highlights from "Go With All Your Might"
  • Track 2, Introduction & Scripture
  • Track 3, Go With All Your Might
  • Track 4, Deception, Fear & Confusion
  • Track 5, You Are Destined By God To Win
  • Track 6, With All Your Might
  • Track 7, Sure Mercies of David
  • Track 8, Trouble Comes With the Calling
  • Track 9, We Have A Guarantee
  • Track 10, Kick the Devil Out
  • Track 11, On the Offensive
  • Track 12, Commentary on 1st John
  • Track 13, God's Mandate
  • Track 14, Challenge
  • Track 15, Exhortation & Prayer
Four Simple Truths
Dr. Frederick Drummond
Run With Patience
Dr. Frederick Drummond
Paul, A Man for the TImes
Dr. Frederick Drummond
Three Kinds of Faith Every Successful Christian Lives By
Dr. Frederick Drummond
The Dynamics of Success
Dr. Frederick Drummond
Eight Key Words to Remember during Times of Trial
Dr. Frederick Drummond
The Manifestation of the Stronghold of an Insecure Soul, Part 1
Dr. Frederick Drummond
The Five Graces of Faithfulness, part 1
Dr. Frederick Drummond
The Extraordinary Christian

Dr. Frederick Drummond

Be Followers of God
Dr. Frederick Drummond



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