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Although Dr. Frederick A. Drummond was born in South Africa and considers it The Coastline of Durban, South Africahis homeland; his roots are European. His father's family emigrated to Africa in the early 20th Century form Great Britain and his mother's family emigrated to Africa in the 17th century from Prussia. He comes from a family of four sons and grew up on the wild coast of South Africa in the city of Durban enjoying the beaches of the Indian Ocean and everything they offer.

It was fascinating for him to discover that although his home town was almost located on the same latitude south as that of Atlanta, Georgia in the north, it enjoyed a similar climate as South Florida because of the warm ocean current that flowed by, even down to the same weeds, natural life and bugs!

Today he and his wife are naturalized American citizens, and believe that is is the greatest country in all the world in which to live. He is proud that all of his four children were born in this wonderful land.



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