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Dr. Frederick Drummond graduated from the Sacramento Baptist College in 1972 with a BA and a Th.B. in 1973. He was sufficiently impressed with the school to go on and earn his MA in 1977 and his Ph.D. in 1981 from their Theological Seminary. Along the way he received an honorary Doctorate of Sacred Theology in 1975 from the South Texas Baptist College and Seminary and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from the Calvary Bible College in 1981. He was licensed to preach the gospel in Desoto, Texas in 1969, and was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1973. His three most valued lessons throughout that experience were:

  • The indisputable authority of the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible as the plenary, verbally, inspired Word of God

  • How to study the Bible in its own context and

  • How much was lacking in Christian colleges and seminaries concerning the reality of living according to the power of God's Word and doing His will above all else.

His best learning experiences were gained in the school of hard knocks during his thirty-three-year tenure at the church in Concordville. It was there that he came to grips with himself, the angels in the attic and the demons in the basement. There is nothing more sacred than facing yourself squarely while at the same time remaining faithful to those in your care. Thus during his long ministry with his beloved friends and members, he fought his way through his own personal problems and came out on top, sharing his life lessons with them from his pulpit.

He learned three important things about the community of Christ and the call of God on his life: there is no substitute for church life; everyone needs mentors; and God is faithful, so don’t quit, because the journey is worth the prize. The hardest thing he ever had to do was ask his peers to confirm the leading of God in his heart to heed the call and go to South Florida. If ever there was a time in his life when he was tempted to be disobedient to the Holy Spirit, this was it. How could he leave those he had given his life to? In the end God won the battle, and with heavy heart, he said his good-byes, leaving the ministry in the hands of men whom he prayed would continue on in the same spirit.



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